Ṡreerāma Ghanāpāṭi

The audio recitation of Vālmeeki Rāmāyaṇa for this 'Read Ramayana' initiative, with pristine pronunciation, is provided by Sri Srirāma Ghanāpāti, Hyderabad.

Ṡri Ṡreerāma Ghanāpāṭi is the head of Ṡri Ṡaṅkara Gurukula Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla, Hyderabad, India, which was founded by his father Brahmaṡri Vēṅkaṭarāma Salakshamṇa Ghanāpāṭi, with the blessings of Kanchi and Ṡringeri Acharyas.

The Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla trains children in Vēdic studies, providing free board and lodging. Along with the Vēdas the children also are taught regular school curriculum, so that they are on par with any other child in the society.

Vēdic studies do not make one an orthodox person, as many people imagine. The children studying at Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla, in fact, learn more about life, relationships, values and morals through the timeless stories from the ancient lore.

In fact, one would be amazed at the leadership and communication skills of the Ṡreerāma Ghanāpāṭi, who himself is a product of the Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla. He speaks in Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and English fluently. In his communication and leadership and public relationship skills, he would put many of the modern Western (and Indian) inspirational speakers to shame.

Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla prepares not just Vēdic Scholars, but a wonderful new generation of children! Some parents, both from India and other countries chose to put their children in the Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla, rather than in a regular school.

You can support him by rendering financial help, small or big, to build, maintain and provide the free board and lodging to the many children at the Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla.

More details about the Vēda Pāṭhaṡāla are available on the website VedaBhavan.org. Ṡri Ṡreerāma Ghanāpāṭi can be contacted via Whatsapp on +91 99638 88870 or by email vedabhavan@gmail.com.