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  • Read Ramayana is a free service open to everyone from in any part of the world!
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  • You can choose any script for the original Sloka, while signing up, from Devanagari, Roman, Assamese, Bengali, Gujrati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malaylam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu !
  • Everyone who signs up will receive one email per week, with 50 - 100 slokas from the original text of Valmiki Ramayana, along with meaning in contemporary and simple English.
  • Read Ramayana on your computer, mobile phone, iPad or anywhere you can get to your email !
  • You can opt out of the emails at any time, for any reason whatsoever !
  • Read Ramayana is a volunteer supported initiative. See the About Us page on the website for a list of volunteers.
  • A new group (batch) of readers, worldwide, will start on the Srirama Navami day each year. The first group (batch) started in 2013.

Why to read?

  • Devotional: Receive the grace of Lord Sri Rama to elate your life, here and beyond, by reading Ramayana. His grace will stabilize your mind and soul and helps you lead a graceful life even in the midst of ups and downs that arise time to time.
  • Practical: Ramayana, through the myriad characters and events, discusses every situation that a normal person would encounter in life and provides guidance to on making the right choice without getting overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation.
  • Exegetical: Ramayana helps you understand the culture, ethos and social circumstances of the times of Ramayana, and the ideals held by the longest surviving civilization that mankind has ever seen.
  • Literary: Ramayana is not only known as the first poem of India, but also known for its lyrical, poetical and structural beauty. Some people read Ramayana for the sheer literary enjoyment.

Four ways to read

  • By yourself: Read it at your convenience, wherever you can access your email.
  • With your family: Set a 30 min slot every week, such as each Wednesday after dinner. Gather together - parents, children and grand parents - and read it aloud together. Each of your family members can take turns every week to lead the reading sessions. Or each can read 20 or 25 of the 100 slokas. Children will especially enjoy this session of being with elders. They will cherish the moments for life. You cannot give a better treasure to them than those cherished moments. It will become a family activity that brings the family closer. When you have guests or friends, you can invite them to join you, as well.
  • With your friends: A group of families can get together every week at one of their houses. Multiple people bring multiple perspectives to the story. That enriches your understanding of Ramayana as well as your understanding of people. Reading together develops a positive and long lasting bonding among the friends. It becomes the part of the childhood memories for all the children.
  • With thousands of others: Read it along with thousands of others worldwide, by sharing your thoughts on Read Ramayana Facebook page.

Guidance and support

  • Reading Ramayana, at the rate of 100 slokas per week, will take almost 5 years to complete. It is like watching a TV Serial that runs for multiple years.
  • It is a well paced activity, with no hurry to get to the end or to finish off fast. You may witness many life events during this period, such as marriage, career change, relocation, child births and so on. Ramayana provides you a steady background to all those events and stabilizes your life against the ups and downs.
  • You can join many local, regional, national and international conferences on Ramayana to interact with eminent scholars of Ramayana from all over the world.

What are the objectives?

  • To provide impetus and encouragement for people who want to read Ramayana and do not know how to get started.
  • To make it easy for every one around the world, to read Ramayana from the comfort of their homes.
  • To make it easy for people who cannot bring the required discipline to read Ramayana by themselves.
  • To bring everyone interested in reading Ramayana together.
  • To conduct events across the world, where readers (and their friends) can come together and celebrate their interest and experience through various cultural and spiritual activities. Scholars, artists and spiritual teachers from various parts of the world will be invited to these events, so that readers can interact with them in close quarters to get deeper insights into Ramayana.
  • To provide a platform for thousands of people worldwide to get connected with each other, which could lead to long term relationships such as friendships, matrimonial alliances and collaborations of various kinds such as, social service, community service, peace missions, art, dance, singing, sculpting, etc.

What are the benefits?

  • Tell people that you are a member of Read Ramayana initiative, wherever there is an opportunity, such as on when you meet them at parties and other occasions, or on Facebook, Google Plus, etc. This conveys a lot about you to others than you imagine.
  • If you are an unmarried male, the very fact that you have committed yourself for a 5 year initiative assures the prospective bride, that you are a person capable of commitment.
  • Your interest in a serious subject conveys to others that you are a person of depth, not a 'surface' type person. People respect and trust a person with those characteristics.
  • There are many slokas in Ramayana that enrich your thinking about life, such as making choices, sticking to choices, not getting swayed by emotions and distractions, etc. These slokas are written in such a powerful and poetic language, that they will stick in your mind without much effort. They jump out of your memory at the right moment to guide you through the challenges in life.
  • You will meet many like minded, well meaning, people in the Ramanyana conferences. Who knows, you could meet your prospective groom or bride or a future employer or future business partner in these conferences !

How can I support ?

  • If you like to volunteer, you can indicate your interest while signing-up. You can choose from many different types of activities, that involve a committment as little as 2 hours a month !
  • Spread the word by sending emails or posting it on social media sites like Facebook and GooglePlus. Make sure you invite at least 10 people to sign up for the Read Ramayana initiative.
  • Make sure each member of your family that plan on joining this initiative register individually, even if you all happen to read out of one email.
  • If you like to sponsor or support this initiative through monetary contributions, please send us an email.
  • If you are an artist, submit your drawings, sketches or paintings of the story of Rama. All the submitted drawings will be published. The best ones will be sent along with the weekly mail.
  • If you are a scholar, moderate the discussions on Facebook and shed light on aspects that are not commonly known. Provide readers with additional resources on Ramayana.
  • Lead or be part of the effort to arrange local, regional, national and international conferences.